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There are best places to travel with a dog in europe, and there are some places that are especially friendly to dogs. Consider visiting the dog-friendly capital of Berlin. The city is full of parks and restaurants for you and your dog to enjoy. While there are not many places to stay that allow dogs, some of them do have outdoor seating areas for your dog. Also, don't forget about the parks in Amsterdam! The city is packed with them, including the Vondelpark, Amsterdam's largest park, and the Oosterpark, which is also a dog-friendly zone.Another city that is extremely friendly to dogs is Paris. It has one of the highest number of dog-friendly establishments per resident. In addition to cafes and shops, Paris is also a great destination for dog-friendly activities. A few restrictions apply, such as not bringing your dog to the Louvre or the Eiffel Tower, though service animals are the exception. It's not a bad idea to bring your dog along on a trip to Paris!In Central Europe, Slovenia i