Montale Silver Aoud perfume for women

Montale Silver Aoud perfume for women 0,0

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Montale's Silver Aoud fragrance is a captivating blend that seamlessly merges conventional oud with present-day freshness. It starts offevolved with a lively burst of bergamot and lime, lending a sparkling and invigorating start. The heart of the scent is the stunning interplay of rose and geranium, infusing the composition with floral beauty and depth. As the fragrance develops, the iconic oud observation emerges, followed by way of observation of leather and teak wood, developing an expensive and smoothness. A gentle veil of white musk in the dry down adds a hint of sensuality and sophistication, leaving a long-lasting impression. Silver Aoud is a harmonious combination of lifestyle and modernity, offering a magnetic and mysterious olfactory experience.